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Case Studies

Kennesaw State University

48% reduction in DFWIs with Perceivant’s Educational Learning Platform

One of the biggest challenges facing Kennesaw State University, as with most general education core curriculum classes that first and second year students are required to take, is the DFWI (D, fail, withdraw, incomplete) rate. 

Coastal Carolina University

Beyond the student athlete: Coastal Carolina makes waves among broader student body with “fun” fitness curriculum

Like many instructors, Marcia Rosiek, a lecturer in Coastal Carolina University's Exercise and Sport Science program, found herself moving away from textbooks. She wanted web-based materials that were more customized, convenient, and affordable for her students.

Kennesaw State University

Engaging Students, Building Life Skills, and Measuring Success

The Kennesaw State University faculty were faced with challenges that most college faculty face: How to make textbook concepts more relevant and meaningful to today’s student.

William Paterson University

From "Sit-Down" Technology to Learning Beyond The Classroom

Willam Paterson University's core curriculum course, Active Lifestyles, was lacking in attention to active learning. While students were learning about active lifestyles in textbooks and then heading to the gym, they were not making the connection between the textbook concepts and their own lifestyle choices.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Required for Graduation, Accessible for Everyday Life

UNC Chapel Hill's Lifetime Fitness (LFIT) teaches students how to assess their fitness, track their diet, and develop their own exercise programs. While students reported that they enjoyed the classroom experience, they found the course materials to be out of date, difficult to use, and somewhat boring.

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