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Beyond the student athlete: Coastal Carolina makes waves among broader student body with “fun” fitness curriculum
Coastal Carolina University
Our Client

Coastal Carolina University, in Conway, S.C., offers 73 undergraduate and 21 graduate degree programs. The CCU Department of Kinesiology enrolls about 400 students each semester in its Lifetime Fitness and Physical Activity course.  

Problem Addressed

Like many instructors, Marcia Rosiek, a lecturer in the Exercise and Sport Science program, found herself moving away from textbooks. She wanted web-based materials that were more customized, convenient, and affordable for her students.

Coastal Carolina University
Solution Provided

Core Product


Rosiek conducted a review of 21st Century Wellness as part of an effort to redesign her course and to make it more engaging for today’s smartphone-equipped student. Integral to the online course is the concept of building a solid foundation of fitness that an individual can carry throughout his or her lifetime, as opposed to rehabilitation following years of unhealthy living. One of the key objectives in 21st Century Wellness is to challenge students to assess their own levels of functional fitness and to come up with a self-improvement plan. It was a perfect match for her Lifetime Fitness and Physical Activity course. Rosiek is also creating an interactive mobile lab manual that Perceivant is building and adding to 21st Century Wellness. It will use the BearTracks mobile app, which enables students using their mobile devices to submit self-assessment and labs to their instructor’s grade books.


BearTracks engages students on a personal level, allowing them to not only keep a history of their self-reported attitudes and behaviors but also compiling objective assessment data such as fitness and biometrics. And because students carry an ever-heavier academic workload, BearTracks provides mobile reminders of upcoming assignments. “That (BearTracks) is going to be really helpful for me in my course when I do labs because they can just bring their phones. There’s no more paper. You know they always have their phones on them,” added Rosiek.

Results Experienced
  • Quickly and easily assess students’ learning efficacy

  • Instant completion of assignments due to web based course and app

  • Convenience of having course materials, assignments, and grades in one place

  • Increased enrollment as course now appeals to a broader student population

  • Improved student engagement in class

  • Inspired the development of new department courses

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