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Your students should have a fair opportunity to prove they have what it takes, and you should have the right tools and information to find the students who will thrive.

What is EduReady?

EduReady is a fifteen-minute timed admissions assessment that looks past basic cognitive questions to measure the whole candidate. We evaluate not just what they know but their ability to learn. More importantly, we measure their attitudes, beliefs, and overall mindset about education and their ability to succeed.

With more than 60 years of experience in the education industry, we provide innovative assessments that will identify students’ true potential in your program.


Accurately assess, place, and track students to guide them to success.


Combines 20 questions that measure math and cognitive reasoning skills as well as 30 questions that measure an applicant’s mindset approaching the education process.


Each applicant is given an individualized score that allows you to select candidates with the right skills for success and place them in the programs that best match their abilities.


Track the assessment results against the success of each student throughout his or her program.


  • Easy-to-use platform enables you to evaluate and compare student test results.

  • Convenient cloud-based testing is fast and secure.

  • Results are delivered immediately to a dashboard.

  • Customizable assessment solutions support your application process.


Make informed decisions by measuring the whole candidate
and identifying their true potential for success.

Increase student retention and graduation rates by identifying and evaluating factors beyond cognitive reasoning.


Following a study of more than 4,000 EduReady assessments:

Assessment algorithm customized to your institution.

Rather than a one size fits all solution, we track your candidates through graduation and use that data to constantly refine our assessment algorithm to select the right applicants for your institution. This ensures the assessment is at the right level for your institution and programs; it is modeled after your students who have demonstrated success.

Over time, the accumulation of the assessment data allows us to become more proactive toward enrolling applicants who show similar markers of successful students.


Customers using our assessment include the following and more:

Interested in learning how EduReady can work for you?

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