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Perceivant is changing education for the better,
making it easier for instructors to teach
and for students to engage, learn,
and confidently complete their studies.

About Perceivant

Perceivant offers innovative, interactive educational software that changes the way college students learn and instructors teach. Our digital courses replace traditional textbooks and eBooks, bringing course content, quizzes, tests, and activities in one easy-to-access, interactive platform.

Our analytics and dashboard help instructors see student progress and setbacks:​

  • Assess engagement and progress

  • Reallocate scarce resources to improve retention and graduation rates

The best news? Our courses are affordable.

  • No cost to university or instructor

  • Lower cost than traditional college textbooks 

We help students learn well in order to live well for the rest of their lives.

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To enable people to live insanely different lives.


To enhance learner outcomes through the integration of innovative technology and courseware.


What we value as team members.

  • See a problem. Go fix it.

  • Respectful openness is greater than respectful niceness.

  • Make it work. Make it better.

  • There is no box. Learning is a necessity.

  • Trust in the Team. Trust in the Dream.

Interested in joining our team?

Leadership Team


Brian Rowe


Experienced serial entrepreneur
with a prior exit of iGoDigital to
ExactTarget (now Salesforce)


Jason Konesco

President, Board Member, Investor

Former CEO & Co-founder of ClearScholar, Inc., acquired by Civitas Learning in 2018. Previously college President & CEO, 17+ years in higher ed administration.


Chris Moore


Strong track record working in higher ed engagements since 2012. Technical expertise and strong working knowledge of educational technology.


David Castor.jpg

David Castor

Board Member

Legal Counsel

Jacob Schpok.jpg

Jacob Schpok

Board Observer

Jean Balgrosky.jpg

Jean Balgrosky, PHD

Investor & Board Member

Founder Bootstrap Venture Partners; Instructor at UCLA

Parker Hinshaw.jpg

Parker Hinshaw


Eric Tobias.jpg

Eric Tobias


Kyle Williams.jpg

Kyle Williams

Board Member


More than five years ago Perceivant acquired Bearface Instructional Technologies, combining their data analytic technology with Bearface’s health and wellness learning and assessment products. Perceivant has since expanded its offerings beyond the scope of Bearface and so the company will no longer use the Bearface name, nor will its products be referred to by the name BearTracks, a label used by Bearface. Perceivant will continue to offer its existing products, but will broaden its focus to include content on a much wider range of topics for students.

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