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Engaging Students, Building Life Skills, and Measuring Success
Kennesaw State University
Our Client

Kennesaw State University, located just north of Atlanta, is the third largest public university in the state of Georgia and offers over 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. KSU's Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education provides Foundations for Healthy Living, a required course for all first-year students to teach and motivate healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Problem Addressed

The Kennesaw State University faculty were faced with challenges that most college faculty face: How to make textbook concepts more relevant and meaningful to today’s student. They also wanted to be able to course assessments for efficiently, demonstrate how the course aligned with the university general education goals and mission, and design course materials that met their students' specific needs.

Kennesaw State University
Solution Provided

Core Product


Working as an editorial partner with KSU faculty, Perceivant used its instructional technologies to develop an online assignment in which students learn to self-assess, analyze and reflect on what they learn about themselves and the science, and then create long- and short-term goals and action plans. Perceivant also provided training and other support resources to twenty-five instructors who would teach nearly 50 sections of the course. After the first semester, Perceivant worked with the faculty to review the course, collect feedback, and enhance the course for improved user experience based on the student and faculty needs.

Results Experienced
  • The classroom dynamic has changed because students are engaged with the material in a personal way.

  • Instead of just memorizing textbook theory, students apply the theory in their own lives.

  • Students are more prepared for discussion in class.

  • Professors are able to facilitate conversations with their students, rather than lecture facts and concepts.

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