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Required for Graduation, Accessible for Everyday Life
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Our Client

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill) is a top-tier educational institute acknowledged worldwide for its academics, research, and athletics. To encourage healthy lifestyles and behaviors among its students, UNC Chapel Hill requires the Lifetime Fitness course for graduation. Nearly 5,000 students enroll in the course each year, which is offered by the university’s Department of Exercise and Sport Science.

Problem Addressed

Lifetime Fitness teaches students how to assess their fitness, track their diet, and develop their own exercise programs. While students reported that they enjoyed the classroom experience, they found the course materials to be out of date, difficult to use, and somewhat boring. The online component to the course included difficult site navigation and slow-loading videos. Students often forgot to purchase the printed lab manual or forgot to bring it to class, leaving them unprepared for class participation. The lab manual also caused time and resource strains on the department’s administrative staff, which was responsible for distributing the book.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Solution Provided

Core Product

FitQuest: A Personal Journey interactive book/course. (Custom Build)


Perceivant published a custom version of FitQuest: A Personal Journey to match UNC’s Lifetime Fitness course syllabus. FitQuest is an online learning and assessment system that includes a multimedia eTextbook, labs, activities, and quizzes. Perceivant also created an online interactive lab manual that enables students to easily track their fitness and diet throughout the course.


Faculty have the ability to use aggregated pre- and post-course student data to measure course efficacy based on changes in attitudes, behaviors, and even changes in fitness.    Perceivant also manages e-commerce  and distribution, saving the University resources previously required to manage transactions.

Results Experienced
  • New web-based system provides easy data collection and results analytics.

  • Interactive online labs and assessments provides immediate feedback and results.

  • Online lab manual & eTextbook are now downloadable, printable, and mobile-friendly for physical or digital access.

  • Online materials are easier to use featuring text highlighting and online assignments.

  • Aggregated student data enables faculty to easily demonstrate student comprehension, engagement, and changes in attitudes and behaviors.

  • Online purchase and distribution of course materials reduces UNC’s administrative costs.

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