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Introducing our newest product
EduReady powered by Perceivant
15-minute admissions assessment 
cognitive ability and ability to learn.

Innovative, Interactive Educational Software


Perceivant is an Indianapolis-based EdTech company
serving the higher education marketplace.

We publish and provide courseware that replaces traditional textbooks
with cost-effective, interactive learning experiences
for both web and mobile applications.

  • All-inclusive, digital courses for a variety of subjects

  • Easily customize courses and content; remotely update information in real-time

  • Students purchase the course direct from Perceivant, or purchase from their campus bookstores via an access key

  • Completely digital, interactive, and consistent learning experience for students

  • Mobile companion app

  • Integrates with a school’s learning management system for grade sync

  • Single sign-on

  • Easy-to-use dashboard for instructors

  • Alerts for struggling students

  • Learning objective comprehension, quiz question analysis, and much more

proven to increase student success, engagement, and retention

In one year, a university had a
48% reduction in DFWs.
Using Perceivant’s interactive learning platform, in conjunction with customizable content,
real-time updates, and ease of accessibility, Perceivant was highly effective in lowering the
DFW ("D", Fail, Withdraw) rate without compromising the academic integrity of the course. 

Customers Using Our Courses

Customers using our courses include the following and many more:

 What instructors are saying

The format, the information, the delivery method, all heads and shoulders above my current text.

Brittney Johnson 
Arkansas State University

High quality online curriculum to engage students on any subject.

LaVerne Robertson 

The Community College of
Baltimore County

Innovative approach that truly seems to be multidimensional.

Lindsey Nanney 

UNC Wilmington

as seen in


Safe. Secure. Private.

Perceivant is HIPAA and FERPA compliant. Our cloud-based learning and assessment platform is fast and secure.



9801 Fall Creek Rd #318
Indianapolis, IN 46256


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