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Be proactive about keeping students from falling behind.

Pinpoint by Perceivant (for Canvas LMS) is designed to help institutions proactively monitor student engagement and quickly identify at-risk students for intervention.


This easy-to-use dashboard provides immediate insight into student performance, and enables proactive intervention to get struggling students back on track.

Easily identify students who are at the highest risk for receiving a DFWI status.

Evaluate student data
and gain actionable insights from real-time reporting.

Quickly and efficiently message supplemental outreach to all at-risk students with one click.

Work Meeting



Access information for all students and all courses past and present.

Office Talk



Evaluate student data and identify students who are at-risk for DFWI in a current course.

Identify, monitor, and engage at-risk students and address problems
when they are still solvable.

Interested in learning how Pinpoint can work for you?

Contact our team for more information.

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