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Corporate Training &

Learning Management Platform

Track, manage, and assign corporate training materials.

Perceivant provides a learning platform with real-time analytics that
empower individuals and organizations to adapt in a fast-moving, competitive world. 

User-friendly learning platform
is easy to navigate.


Enable your team and easily build training environments to support organizational needs.

Dashboards provide visibility into employee progress and easily track desired metrics.

By making learning personalized, relevant, and agile, you provide development opportunities and learning journeys for continuous employee growth.
Our solution can help your company

Develop employees at all stages with comprehensive support from hire to retire.


Boost learner engagement with personalized content in a variety of formats.


Lower legal risk and improve regulatory adherence by automating compliance training.

We make setup easy.

Our experienced team is dedicated to getting you up and running effortlessly, with easy-to-use tools that centralize training content and allows your organization to scale confidently and quickly. Our user-friendly platform enables your employees to reinforce knowledge instantly with guided learning, and your managers and human resources team to track metrics and analyze how employees retain critical skills.

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Why Perceivant?

In today’s changing world of work, employees want learning experiences that are virtual, self-directed, and available when needed. Your organization needs a learning ecosystem that enables you to truly support learning, development, and skills management with agility and innovation. With a corporate learning management system (LMS), you can build a culture of continuous learning and reduce compliance risk. 

Perceivant offers an innovative, interactive educational platform that helps prepare employees for the future by building skills to thrive personally and professionally. We are dedicated to giving universities, companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations tools that mitigate risk and increase workplace health and productivity. 

Interested in learning how
Perceivant's Corporate LMS
can work for you?

Contact our team for more information.

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