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re:MIND helps prepare students to navigate the college environment with a positive mindset, especially when faced with difficult obstacles on their path to graduation. re:MIND liberates students from disempowered personal narratives increasing their likelihood of practicing resilience and perseverance in the face of academic, social and financial challenges. 


re:MIND leverages the insights and practices of psychology to deliver a powerful course that puts students’ belief and capacity for positive growth at the center.  Without a growth mindset and a strength based personal narrative, students are far too vulnerable to the kind of doubt that can easily surface and derail them in the face of academic, personal or financial struggle. We then are often left scratching our heads when struggling students fail to engage in the many support resources available and continue to wonder what we could have done differently. We tell ourselves that we cannot want success more than the student, but fail to recognize that it is not a question of want or motivation, but rather a question of how much a student BELIEVES that what they want is actually possible.

The first step in addressing the core issue is to intentionally - and with a deliberate approach founded on many principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapy and Strengths Based Coaching - develop students’ non-cognitive competencies and belief that they can, IN FACT be successful because of WHO THEY KNOW THEMSELVES TO BE.

Students participating in re:MIND are immersed in the kind of self-exploration that yields more stories of student success, because we start with THEIR STORY IN MIND.

Perceivant provides a SUCCESSFUL learning environment
for both the INSTRUCTOR and the STUDENTS.

Helpful Downloads:

Helpful Downloads

Course Publisher:



Kristin Taylor

Original Text:


What's Included:

With the Perceivant platform, you're getting all-inclusive, digital courseware
that replaces traditional textbooks with an interactive learning experience.

>> Innovative Technology

Instructor Dashboard.png

Instructor Dashboard


Platform that utilizes course analytics to identify at-risk students, allowing instructors to intervene well before midterms (even before class add/drop)

Instructor View.png

Guided Learning


Active learning interface and reporting platform that guides students through sequenced content and allows multi-level assessment with defined learning outcomes


Mobile App


Mobile app designed to let students easily track their grades and course assignments using their iOS or Android mobile devices

Innovative Technology

>> Custom Course Modules

  • Customize around your course syllabus.

  • Create, deliver, and analyze quizzes and assignments.

  • Perform outcomes-based assessments.

  • Choose, manage, and change courses.

  • Automate classroom activities, including the syllabus, attendance, and calendar of course events.

  • Grade assignments using SpeedGrader, and post grades online.

  • Communicate through announcements, messages, and conferences.

  • Facilitate audio and video communications for enhanced teacher and student engagement.

  • Analyze course and student data to improve learning outcomes and teaching methods. 

Custom Course Modules

>> Lecture Slides with Notes

  • Lecture slides with notes to guide instructors 

  • Clear and concise content to allow easy class discussion 

  • Student access to slides so they can preview each lecture

Lecture Slides

>> Chapter Assignments and Activities

  • Discussions that allow interaction between instructors and students 

  • Group activities to foster collaboration among peers 

  • Assignments to measure student understanding of content

Assignments & Activities

Why instructors love it:


Make learning efficient. Enable students to be more successful with our active learning approach to course and content design.


Make teaching easier. Pre-built modules can be used as-is or customized to align with course goals. Streamline course start-up with our course implementation specialists.


Maximize your time. Manage multiple course sections easily. Auto-graded components will reduce grading time, so you can increase teaching time.


Intervene early for early success. Data analytics provide visibility regarding course engagement, progress, and success. 


Employ our library of content. PowerPoint presentations, quiz banks, interactive online chapters, self-assessments, assignments--carefully curated and professor approved. 


Make it yours. We supply editorial and educational design support for new course materials. Focus on the content, we’ll do the rest.

Why students WILL love it:

  • Engaging activities 

  • Visual reminders that make assignments, points, and due dates clear

  • Platform that is mobile and tablet responsive

  • Straightforward user interface that is designed to save time and effort 

  • Help that is always a click away

Perceivant Mobile App

Perceivant's mobile app that allows you to complete assigned reading and course assignments
with any iOS or Android device.

Perceivant mobile app syncs completed assignments to the course grade book and provides
assignment reminders.

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