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Perceivant Partners with Middle Tennessee State University to Launch New re:MIND Content


October 28, 2019

Perceivant, an Indianapolis based education technology company that replaces traditional textbooks with cost-effective and interactive digital courseware, announced last week it has partnered with Middle Tennessee State University to launch its new re:MIND content. MTSU is piloting the new content, which focuses on the students’ greatest asset—their mindset. 


re:MIND is the culmination of more than 20 years of education and professional work of coach and consultant Kristin Taylor, M.A. The content guides students through a methodology that enables them to discover their unique qualities and succeed when faced with the challenges of college life—challenges that all too often cultivate stress and anxiety.


“Sometimes simply getting to school in the morning is an enormous accomplishment in the face of these challenges,” says Taylor. 


Based on a narrative coaching approach, the content provides students the opportunity to name their own experiences and to more confidently explore their often under-resourced personal competencies within them. As they grow their own personal narratives throughout the content, students learn how to identify problems within their stories, manage their feelings and emotions, externalize problems, recognize wins, understand who they are, and create a plan for dealing with problems.    


Dr. Colby Jubenville, Director of Middle Tennessee State University’s CBHS Center for Student Coaching and Success, believes the content’s framework is well aligned with what the center believes in terms of narrative. 


“Students either have a narrative that is written for them or by them,” says Jubenville. “The re:MIND framework gives students the opportunity to not only reflect, but intentionally choose to address specific areas of their own narrative and rewrite it.” 


Seven key non-cognitive competencies are explored throughout the content, including confidence, resilience, self-advocacy, emotional intelligence, perseverance, self-control, and growth mindset. According to Taylor, these competencies are essential gear for personal growth and for succeeding in both college and in life.


“We chose seven that we consider to be the most fundamental and could serve as launching pads or jumping off places for the growth of other non-cognitive competencies,” says Taylor. “These non-cognitive competencies represent the desire to establish a fundamental starting place from which more expansive narratives can flourish.”


Camden Grecco, a graduate assistant at MTSU’s Center for Student Coaching and Success, believes that one critical skill needed for success is learning how to develop your mindset.


“The content found in the re:MIND framework provides depth that I had not been exposed to previously,” says Grecco. “The re:MIND material will help others understand the power of self-talk, thus unlocking the skill within them.” 


“We are thrilled to be delivering such crucial and needed content to the market and so excited to witness enhanced student outcomes at MTSU through the innovative Perceivant platform alongside Kristin’s brilliant work,” says Jason Konesco, President of Perceivant. re:MIND, as well as other Perceivant courses, is available for adoption for the upcoming semester and academic year. Each course follows a low-cost, high-efficacy pricing model that is customized based on the needs of each university. 


For more information on Perceivant, its history, or products, please visit or connect on Facebook and Twitter.

Perceivant announced last week it has partnered with Middle Tennessee State University to launch its new re:MIND content.

About Perceivant

Perceivant is an Indianapolis-based educational technology company serving the higher education marketplace. Perceivant publishes and provides courseware that replace traditional textbooks with cost-effective and interactive learning experiences for both web and mobile applications. Each course is accompanied with powerful analytics and real-time data to boost student engagement and provide educators with an easier, more efficient solution to analyze course efficacy. Perceivant is also armed with editorial expertise and tools to enable educators to create custom solutions that exceed expectations and university standards. For more information on the company and its products, please visit  

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