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Perceivant Launches New Updates to BearTracks™ Mobile Application for Students


July 23, 2019

Perceivant, an education technology company that replaces traditional textbooks with cost-effective and interactive digital courseware, today announces significant new updates have been made to its BearTracks™ mobile application.


Perceivant announced the launch of its mobile app more than two years ago, which provides a simple, easy-to-use mobile experience for today’s generation of learners. With these new updates, students can now further track their progress in all Perceivant courses using their iOS or Android mobile devices. This includes the ability to complete and submit mobile-friendly assignments, view instructional videos, track all work history, and more.


Furthermore, students now have the ability to access and read Guided Learning content for Perceivant courseware directly from the mobile application. The revolutionary platform reinforces learning objectives while students are reading course materials to improve competency and analyze course efficacy while compromising its integrity. All progress is synced between the mobile application and web application.


New alerts have also been added in the mobile application. Now, students will receive push notifications if they haven’t completed an assignment 24 hours before the due date, if any new course announcements have been added to the dashboard, and when their grade falls below 60%. 


“More than 90% of students are now smartphone users, driving an increased awareness of how smartphones can be leveraged as a resource and tool for academic coursework,” said Brian Rowe, CEO and founder of Perceivant. “With today’s new generation of on-the-go students, the newly-updated mobile application provides an easier option for faculty and learners alike by arming them with better access to their courseware. We believe this option can improve students’ engagement while delivering a more positive impact on learning outcomes.”


Perceivant’s digital coursework is specifically designed to build student engagement as well as improve student success. This past year, Perceivant positively impacted more than tens of thousands of students nationwide with its technology. It reported nearly 90% in student engagement while reducing drop out and fail rates across its university partners, such as Ohio State University and Kennesaw State University.


Most recently, Perceivant finalized a funding round, bringing its total funding to $3.75 million. The funding round will be utilized to bring Perceivant’s competitive, low-cost digital courseware to more colleges nationwide, with the goal to bring on more than 100 new partners in the next 2 years.


The BearTracks™ mobile application is available for all Perceivant courses for the upcoming semester.

Perceivant announces significant new updates have been made to its BearTracks™ mobile application.

About Perceivant

Perceivant is an Indianapolis-based educational technology company serving the higher education marketplace. Perceivant publishes and provides courseware that replace traditional textbooks with cost-effective and interactive learning experiences for both web and mobile applications. Each course is accompanied with powerful analytics and real-time data to boost student engagement and provide educators with an easier, more efficient solution to analyze course efficacy. Perceivant is also armed with editorial expertise and tools to enable educators to create custom solutions that exceed expectations and university standards. For more information on the company and its products, please visit  

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Jason Konesco, President 

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