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the college environment.

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Are students emotionally ready for college?

This course is meant to expand the way students support themselves and ensure they have what they need for a successful journey and outcome.


With a focus on seven non-cognitive competencies that lead to success,
re:MIND uses the power of personal narrative to unlock student potential.

Our goal is to provide a strategy that enables students to grow in their belief in themselves,
and in their mastery of the seven non-cognitive competencies associated with success.

Though all non-cognitive competencies are important, we chose seven that we consider to be the most fundamental and could serve as “launching pads” or “jumping off places” for the growth of other non-cognitive competencies.


These non-cognitive competencies represent the desire to establish a fundamental starting place from which more expansive narratives can flourish.

The re:MIND process is engineered
to help students discover their unique
capabilities that will be the cornerstone of
progress in the face of challenges.




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Problem-Saturated Stories
and Identifying Problems
Managing Feelings and Emotions
Practicing Cognitive Reframing and
Externalizing the Problem
Identifying Exceptions and
Recognizing Wins
Knowing Your “Why” and Practicing Courage in the Face of Fear
Creating the Game Plan

Students start with learning to understand the importance of exploring who they are now
and who they are becoming as a critical component of student success.


They also learn to recognize the unwelcome influence of self-doubt, how it can shape their
feelings, emotions, and beliefs, and begin to update their self-talk using cognitive re-framing,
mindfulness, and other activities backed by the latest research in neuroscience.


From there, students will explore each of the steps that lead to creating their personal game plan for successfully navigating the various challenges of school and life.

Course Resources


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To help integrate re:MIND into your
Student Success initiatives,
course materials are pre-organized
into 1-credit and 3-credit course options.

Scroll through images to see course examples.


Our 1-credit course design incorporates the most critical components of re:MIND into 8 modules.


Each module represents a chapter of re:MIND, the discussion topic can be done online or as an in-class activity, a graded activity, and the key non-graded companion workbook activities that help move the student towards more empowered narratives.


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