Perceivant Adds New reMIND Course to Improve Outcomes for First-Generation, Low-Income College Students


December 19, 2018

Perceivant, an education technology company that replaces traditional textbooks with cost-effective, interactive and data-driven learning experiences, today announces the addition the reMIND course to its product catalog. While the course is designed to improve the success of first-generation, low-income college students through the cultivation of non-cognitive competencies, it is also applicable to all entry-level undergraduates.


reMIND helps prepare students to navigate the college environment with a positive mindset, especially when faced with difficult obstacles on their path to graduation. The course is designed with a focus on first-generation, low-income college students who often face a unique set of challenges, including lack of knowledge of the college experience, guilt for leaving family behind, and management of finances.


reMIND educates students in seven key areas: confidence, resilience, self-advocacy, emotional intelligence, self-control, growth mindset and sense of belonging. The course is authored by Kristin Taylor, who has more than two decades of experience in coaching and learning development.


“Many institutions invest in courses to educate first-year students on the importance of developing fundamental skills such as time management and goal-setting to succeed in college,” said Taylor. “However, these courses fail to develop a student’s belief system, which resides at the center of a student’s success. reMIND will enable universities to provide a more effective solution that successfully supports a student’s institutional experience, especially for those who statistically lag behind generation peers.”


reMIND is accessible on Perceivant’s innovative online courseware dashboard, which publishes and replaces traditional textbooks with more guided and interactive learning experiences for both web and mobile applications. Perceivant also offers the ability for institutions to decide the best method of implementation in either a classroom, online or hybrid setting.


Faculty instructing the reMIND course have access to Perceivant’s predictive analytics, providing real-time visibility into course engagement, student engagement and success. With the data, educators can determine course efficacy, predict student success and determine levels of student engagement across all course materials. Resources, such as pre-built modules, auto-graded labs, self-assessments and additional professor-approved materials, also allow educators to reduce time spent on administrative duties while maximizing teaching responsibilities.


“Adding reMIND to our product catalog is another way to further our mission of improving student engagement and retention at higher education institutions nationwide,” said Brian Rowe, founder and CEO of Perceivant. “We look forward to providing a unique course to students and universities that helps students hone essential skills while simultaneously creating successful learning environments for both the student and educator.”


Perceivant’s new courses are now available for faculty review and will be available for adoption in the spring 2019 semester. Each course follows a low-cost, high-efficacy pricing model that is customized based on the needs of each university. 

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